Word From Our Founder

Madagascar is a paradise island nation of baobabs, lemurs, and pristine beaches. Given this, you’d think that Madagascar would be a place filled with prosperity. Sadly, while studying and working in the country in 2017, I learned that this was simply not the case. Madagascar is widely considered the poorest non-conflict country in the world with 75% of the population living on less than one dollar a day. I couldn’t help but wonder why a country with immense natural resources could be so impoverished.

As I spent more time in Madagascar the answer began to become clearer. The vast majority of local communities do not have sustainable markets to capitalize on their resources. In many cases their only choice is to rely on practices such as deforestation or overfishing to survive. Foreign markets are then able to exploit these resources for pennies on the dollar. 

So I began to ask myself…what if there were businesses that set aside their self interests and instead, concentrated on investing in the one planet that we all share. I believe that we can make this investment through eco-tourism. One Planet Tours is determined to support local communities through social investment. To support sustainable livelihood alternatives in local communities that in turn protect the natural resources of that community. This will ensure that the natural resources and wildlife will be available for generations to come.

By traveling with us you will enjoy the uniqueness of the culture and wildlife of the countries you visit. Even more importantly, you will support the capacity of local communities to protect, preserve and profit off of the resources that are rightfully theirs. So alefa (let’s go!), pack your bags and join us for a trip that lasts a lifetime!

Tim McGuireFounder and CEO