Investing in the Future of the People & Planet

What We Do

One Planet Tours is unlike any other tour company because your purchase assists marginalized communities. Half of tour profits are shared with our impact partners that support locoal development initiatives.

Your tour package directly impacts local communities. We believe that through collaboration between the tourist and the host community, tourism can have a positive impact on both parties, leaving everyone better off in the end.

Invest in Marginalized Communities

Madagascar: A Case for Integrative Travel

Madagascar is a gorgeous, ecologically diverse island, but that is only part of the story. We cannot ignore the hard truths for the people who live and work in this place. Madagascar is impoverished and lacks a stable school system. Only one third of the children have access to a school, classrooms are overcapacity, and existing schools are difficult to access. From a recent survey, 97% of children under 10 years old are illiterate (, 2020).Community Based Organizations (CBOs), also called Vondron’Olona Ifotony (VOI), have found that the greatest issue is the lack of funding, despite the government’s efforts. 

A significant number of CBOs in Madagascar do not have adequate schools. There are no school buildings at all and classes are instead held in shelters under tamarind trees or in decrypted buildings. Collapsing walls and worn-out school materials are commonplace. VOI leaders and communities are doing their best and some of them even risk their lives to protect their natural resources (RFI,2016). 

Apart from the lack of alternative livelihood, lack of proper infrastructure to educate children is among the leading causes for dropout rates and poor performance. Building schools means better students! Good school buildings are one of the top interventions that increase time in school and help improve learning outcomes (Damon, A., Glewwe, P., Wisniewski, S., & Sun, B. (2016). However, according to the World Bank, there was a gap of 74,000 classrooms in the country between 2014 and 2015 (WorldBank, 2018). UNICEF reported in 2012 that the country would need to build 2,000 to 3,000 classrooms a year to fill this gap. 

Education can mean better jobs and better chances at life. There are not enough classrooms to accommodate kids in primary school level and that is where One Planet Tours intends to send resources. Youth represent more than half of Madagascar’s population. They are the future of the country and investing in their education will ensure that the next generation, especially among VOIs, are given the opportunity to bring a change to their lives and their communities.

How We Support


You trip provides funding for building or renovating schools in the communities you may visit.

You can have an impact on local young people and help increase their quality of life.  OPT relies on trusted NGO partners in the selection process of the youths and in monitoring their progress by providing us with updates.


Your tour package creates jobs to support families in the local community. While most tourism models serve to only enhance the wealth of the already affluent, our model allows for greater positive cultural impact for the host community and a more authentic experience for you, the traveler.

Your vacation with OPT supports local small business owners, organizations, nature reserves, and other locally sourced materials and services. We believe that those who live in the country are the experts so we work with local tourism services to bring you a one-of-a-kind experience.


Our planet’s survival depends on the wellbeing of the wildlife that live on it. Your tour purchase supports the conservation of the environment by utilizing environmentally friendly accommodations, support for community based organizations, and environmental education for youth.

We rely on our trusted NGO partners for implementation of community based environmental conservation programs.