Our Team

Founder and CEO

Tim McGuire

Tim McGuire is an American entrepreneur and innovator specializing in the confluence of conservation and sustainable development. Tim received his Master’s in International Development from Andrews University in Michigan and has conducted extensive research on the value of preserving biodiversity for the benefit of marginalized communities. Through his research, he concluded that many travel organizations do a fine job of bringing commerce to these communities, but fail to directly invest in them as a means to incentivise the conservation of their natural resources and biodiversity. By leveraging the travel industry to directly invest in these communities, Tim hopes to bridge the gap between conservation and economic growth. 

Tim’s previous experience includes: proposing a company wide model to reduce waste, utilization of reusable products, sourcing from vendors that use 100% recycled material, all while diverting waste from landfills. He spent time working with local communities in establishing sustainable livelihoods in Madagascar, while living and actively participating in their local context. He also led programs that serviced the needs of more than 1,000 patients through the use of mobile clinics. These experiences have given Tim the inspiration to create this unique initiative, One Planet Tours. By engaging this initiative, Tim envisions a world that empowers marginalized communities to protect, preserve, and prosper off of the resources that are rightfully their own.

Chairman of the Board

Dr. Joël Luc Raveloharamisy PhD

A native of Tamatave Madagascar, Dr. Joël Luc Raveloharamisy received his PhD in Political Science in 2011 from Western Michigan University and an MBA from Eastern Washington University, Spokane Washington in 2004. He brings leadership, experience and local knowledge to the team. He has been the director of the Community & International Development masters program at Andrews University since 2011. Each year he does extensive research in his homeland of Madagascar as well as leading development and humanitarian projects. Every year he takes students on a study tour that opens their eyes to the issues facing the developing world. Several of his research projects have been published and scholarly reviewed.

Some of his other work includes donating his time towards leading out in educational forums in Madagascar. He currently partners with Wise Madagascar assisting in organizational management. He administers a well followed social network where he assists and advises bright Malagasy scholars how to earn scholarships to pursue higher education abroad. Because of his conviction in human development, he has a daily radio program in Madagascar promoting international education, capacity building, and youth development. He values his family while contributing to the growth and development of others.

Vice Chairperson of the Board

Pumla Maswanganyi

Pumla Maswanganyi is a South African entrepreneur, strategist, and innovator who works at the intersection of art and impact. As a global citizen having lived and worked on 5 continents, she is committed to developing systems and strategic interventions that disrupt traditional development norms with a creative 21st century lens.

As a globalization and development expert, Pumla’s primary passion is building context-based solutions to improve life chances, and inclusivity for disenfranchised populations. This passion has led her to create a number of projects including using vocational training as a tool to end child marriage as well as leveraging mobile technology to increase education accessibility for nomad and migrating communities in Africa.

She is passionate about developing high-level strategies and systems to bring powerful ideas to life. Pumla currently serves as the youngest C-suite executive in two social impact focused companies: Baobab Consulting, which fosters intercultural collaboration with an African focus, and Jara, which is developing a solar and crank powered IoT device to provide emergency education to children in post-disaster zones. Additionally, she offers strategic and ‘system-building’ advice to start ups and leaders within the arts, sustainable architecture, and medtech.

In addition to being on the Advisory Council for the Roddenberry Foundation, and nominated as one of the ‘Most Influential People of African Descent’ (MIPAD) under 40, her work has earned recognition from Forbes, the Clinton Global Initiative, the UNLEASH Sustainable Development Innovation Lab, Resolution Project, the African Women Leaders Network, and the African Union to name a few.

Client Experience Director

Liantsoa Monticelli

Starting to travel at a young age, Liantsoa became a genuine wanderer, always eager to discover new cultures. Wether she is having lunch in a trendy restaurant in Paris or floating on a bamboo raft in the midst of Guilin’s karst landscapes, travel is in her blood. Although she has seen many cities, travelling to remote places and getting back to the essentials is what she loves most.

After completing her Bachelors degree in International Hotel Management at Vatel Madagascar, she decided to get onboard with One Planet Tours and join the adventure in her homeland.Having interned at some of the most luxurious hotels in the Europe, she has acquired unique skills in the relational field and has been gifted a special sens of communication when in comes to helping others.

Strategic Advisor

Feno Hanitriala Ravaoharisoa

Feno strives to empower young Malagasy people like herself (especially those from marginalized communities) to reach their full potential, to be aware of the rich and unique natural environment they are living in, and how to care for that sustainably. She strongly believes that the biggest solutions to sustain conservation efforts and to promote long-term development for the country is by providing young Malagasy with opportunities for education and vocational training. She worked as a translator for several years before volunteering for the World Wide Fund for Nature (WWF) for mangroves conservation and adaptation to climate change in the region of Menabe. Feno then joined Blue Ventures in the southwest of Madagascar to support the amazing conservation work the organization is doing through education. She is an EarthWatch Shulman Award recipient, International Ocean Institute (IOI) trainee and an American Association of University Women (AAUW) awardee. Feno is graduating soon with a Master’s in Community and International Development from Andrews University.

Strategic Advisor

Wandile Mthiyane

Wandile Mthiyane is an Obama Leader, Tedx Fellow, architectural designer, social entrepreneur, and the founder and CEO of Ubuntu Design Group (UDG). Ubuntu Design Group is an architectural organization that focuses on social impact design projects ranging from individual housing to urban design scale. Influenced by his childhood experiences growing up in post-apartheid South Africa, Wandile founded UDG on the core idea that if apartheid architecture could be used to segregate and oppress, then community-led design should liberate and enable opportunities for all.